Stay hungry

If you never listened

to something in your life

aggressively and intentionally

I need you listen to me now

I have too much to accomplish

to be satisfied with where I am right now

I have too much on the lion

I have too many people depending on mee

To win

I must stay hungry

Hunger is the only thing

that’s going to give you the power

Never stop climbing the hill

To perceive through that pain

To climb go find your hill and climb

you gotta be hungry for your dream

you gotta be hungry for your next level

By Marcus Taylor’s


🔹️ One should not just tolerate insults and harsh words but also forgive with a peaceful mind.

🔹️Dealing with negativity in a positive way is called tolerance.

🔹️Tolerance is the ability to forgive even we are offended.

🔹️ Three things to do for a happy married life: tolerate, appreciate and love.

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